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Field Trial Results Archive

OPEN FIELD TRIAL  31st October 2007


JUDGES Mr. Terry Prentice  Arlene White and Mr. Graham. Stanley.


1st PECHASI DANCER 4458CR LABG B 13.12.04 Kenwu Macreson of Craigfelin X Pechasi Saturn Breeder P. Sipling Handler/Owner DANIEL HIGGS

2nd SWIFTBROOK TAN LAB B 4736CM 27.2.01 Ft Ch Birdbrook Arrow of Craigfelin X Thornlands Clio of Swiftbrook Breeder G Jones Handler/Owner PAUL JENNINGS

3rd ENDACOTT KESS LAB B 4184CN 17.4.01 Ft Ch Hatchfield Feargall X Endacott Guinea Breeder A. Courtier Handler/Owner MRS. LAURA DEARLOVE

Guns Choice was TIGER JOSH LAB D 4709CM LAB D. 10.6.01 Ft CH Windwood Shot X Hollywood Kristie Breeder A Penny Handler/Owner ROBERT WORRALL


NOVICE FIELD TRIAL  7th November 2007


JUDGES: Mr. Peter Cole, Mr. Tony Turner, Mr. Robert Worrall and Mr. Mark Lucas.

1st  BEDGEBROOK SUGLAND SKIPPER 3771CR LAB D 28.56.04 Ft Ch Hamford Zealot of Highseas X Muddymile Dualin of Bedgebrood Breeder Mrs. G. Nickols Handler/Owner MR.C. MARSHALL


OPEN FIELD TRIAL 28TH January 2008



1ST FT Ch BROCKWEIR ROSEMARY 2670CP LAB B 3.11.02 Ft Ch Glenlowie Cedar of Willieford X Ft Ch Brockweir Plum Breeder/handler/owner MRS. D. WIGGIN




We held two trials in January 2006.  On the 24th January 2006 we held an open stake at the Angmering Estate by kind permission of Lady Sarah Clutton and Lady Herries.  The judges were Mr. P. Cole Mrs. G. Hillier and Mr. M Bettinson.  The day went very well and the standard was good.  The atmosphere was also good with most competitors staying all day to see the trial conclusion even when they were out before lunch.  The club received several very nice thank you letters and complements on the day's organisation which was much appreciated.


1st MANSENGREEN BIZZY OF BRINDLEBAY LAB B 4544CN 12.8.01 Brinwood Bo of Bedgerbrook X Ft Ch Shorthorn Ninja of Mansengreen Breeder Mr. N. Eaglen Handler/Owner MR.M. TALLAMY who was also the best looking in the awards.

2nd BROCKWEIR ROSEMARY 2670CP LAB B 3.11.02 Ft Ch Glenlowie Cedar of Willieford X Ft Ch Brockweir Plum Breeder/handler/owner MRS. D. WIGGIN

3rd BIRDBROOK LAKE OF BELLEVER AD00918307 LAB D 14.2.03 Ft Ch Conneywarren Russett of Birdbrook X Millbuies Merry Maid Breeder R.S. Webb Handler/Owner RUPERT HILL

BRACKENBIRD CASSIEMAI OF FEATHER FLY 4449CP LAB B. 11.6.03 Ft Ch Craighorn Bracken X Ropehall Dove of Brackenbird Breeder Mr. & Mrs I Hollern Handler/Owner MR. P. HIGHFIELD


On the 25th January the club held a very good novice stake at the Bepton Shoot Cocking by kind permission of Mr. R. Smallman and The Hon Mr. Pearson.  The judges were Mr. J. Stubbs, Mrs. E. Barnes and Mr. C. Pelham.  Bob Smallman put on an excellent day for us with both driven and walked up birds.  Unfortunately, despite this and a good standard of dog work, the two dogs left in at the conclusion of the stake after  having seven retrieves each failed to pick a woodcock at the end of the day so no awards were given.  


We were invited back to Agmering Park again for a second open stake on 27th October 2006.  This was a magnificant day.  Lovely, weather, super high partridge and phaesant with lovely shooting and good dog work to watch.  The judges were:  Mr. Tony Casserly, Mr. Ron Jeffery and Mr. Tony Brazier.  The club's thanks also goes to Lady Sarah Clutton for hosting the judges to lunch.  The winner won the stake for the second occasion making his dog into a Field Trial Champion as the bitch had also won another one day open stake.


1st MANSENGREEN BIZZY OF BRINDLEBAY LAB B 4544CN 12.8.01 Brinwood Bo of Bedgerbrook X Ft Ch Shorthorn Ninja of Mansengreen Breeder Mr. N. Eaglen Handler/Owner MR.M. TALLAMY

2nd ENDACOTT KESS LAB B 4184CN 17.4.01 Ft Ch Hatchfield Feargall X Endacott Guinea Breeder A. Courtier Handler/Owner MRS. LAURA DEARLOVE

3rd SOLO DUKE LAB D. AD01736603 27.2.03 Nortoft Simi X Blondie of Sunneyleys Breeder Mr. R. Swinfield Handler Samantha Rowe Owners Mr. and Mrs. Rowe who was also guns choice


4758 CN LAB D 31,5,02 Ft Ch Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead X Leawy Leadura of Pointraire Breeder Mr. R. Smalley Handler/Owner MR. BAZIL. SMITH

SPARKLING GEM LAB D 4081CP 22.4.02 Rockside Bramble X Flashmount Maggie Breeder Mr. M.O. Bell Handler/Owner MR. P.E. BISHOP who was also the best looking Labrador in the awards


On 14th November 2006 we held a Novice Stake at Great Livermere Suffolk by kind permission of Peter Hammond.  The judges were Mr. Peter Johnson, Mr. Andrew Wright (who subsequently went on to win the Retriever Championships with his Golden Retriever - Well done) and Chris Rose.  We are indebted to Ron Taylor and his team of guns for shooting for us on the day.  The trial was originally scheduled to take place near Guildford but inflation meant the birds had become too expensive for us.  The trial was of course walked up and the game came steadily and the trial was concluded just after mid-day.  The worthy winner was:


DELFLEET DOUGAL BY WESTERNASH LAB D. 15.5.04 Fintan Thor of Westernash X Delfeet Golden Glory Breeder Mr. & Mrs. Crisp Handler/Owner MARY DARTON who was also the best looking in the awards.

2nd who only got into the stake the previous night was Mr. Steve Kings OXPASTURES LARK OF FAYBOURNE LAB B. 22.6.02 Ft Ch Bracken of Berrybrae X Oxpastures Chilli Pepper.


On 30th December 2006 we held a novice stake at The Brook Farm Shoot Cuffley Hertfordshire by kind permission of David Thomas.  I am extremely grateful to John Keegan for securing the ground for us and organising the team of guns, organising breakfast and judging for us. An organiser superb indeed!  The other judges were Mr. Phill Allan, Mr. Vince Mitchell.  We were blessed by a sunny spell in between the stormy weather which heralded in the new year.  The game came steadily with some good shooting by the team of guns.  There was some rain during the finale but some good hunting in cover after an otherwise smooth performance secured the winners position.


THEALEFARM HOPE AE01900808 LAB B 10.4.04 FT CH Brindlebay Bee X Riversway Bustle of Thealefarm Breeder Mrs. G. Marshall Handler/Owner MRS B. J. RAYNER

2nd DUAL'S HOPE CHARLOTTE 0928778 LAB. B. FT Ch Willowyck Jack Snipe X FTW Abbeystead Gaiety Breeder/Handler/Owner RONY MICHIELS

CATWALK SALLY AE01766902 LAB B. 22.4.04 Ft Ch Willowyck Henman X Ruby Glen Breeder Mr. K. Brady Handler/Owner MR. WAYNE MITCHELL


Chris and I once again organised the gundog training course for the Surrey and West Sussex area although we could not continue on so long after the initial course of six lessons due to our impending move.  However, we did also organise the Working Gundog Certificate preliminary certificate Day on August the 3rd at Ramalley Cluns Wormley by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. Cox.  The judges were Mr. Chris Rose and Mr. Ron Taylor.


There were 13 runners and 8 were successful they were:  


TURNERBROOK OAK AE01200406 LAB B 9.3.04 Ft Ch Hamford Zealot of Highseas X Rough House Ruby Breeder Mr. A. J. Turner Handler Mrs S. Mills Owner MR. & Mrs MILLS

SARAI OF LILIES OF THE VALLY VIA DEERBRIDGE AF00958703 LAB B 21.2.05  Itchin to go via Deerbridge X Susannah of The Glade Breeder R.M Calvert Handler/Owner MRS E. BARNES

KAZMATT MORNING DANCER AE03043004 LAB B. 7.7.04 Kroppsmarkens Hubble Bubble over Thurbajen X Roytan Spice Girl Breeder/Handler/Owner BRIAN WEST

STAENINGAS SON IS SHINING LAB D AE02748001 8.6.04 Meadowmill Mr. Mc Crea X Staeningas Cygnus Breeder/Handler/Owner MRS. B. COX

WARRINGAHS BUNYA JW LAB B. 1157CM CH Warringahs Digger X Warringahs Bunyip Breeder D.A & C. Coode Handler/Owner D.A. COODE

GOLD ROBBER FALL TO PIECES LAB D AF02153203 31.8.05 Mitforton Stead X Austerby Jade of Goldrobber Breeder/Handler/Owner MRS. GOWER

WATERFORD ENDEAVOUR LAB D. 29.3.05 Ft Ch Dipplelodge Raven of Riversway X Ft Ch Waterford Covey 'Breeder Jane Coley HANDLER/OWNER MRS. S. COLE





 Novice trial on 29th October at Scaynes Hill by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. Yeowart (who are honorary life members of the club) and Robin Harrison.  The judges were Tony Brazier, David Barnes and Gilly Nickols.


1st     DIPPLELODGE ROSSETTI LAB B 4432CP 14.6.01 Ft Ch Endacott  Soames of Riversway X Dolbrenin Sian Breeder Mrs. B. Kuan Handler/Owner MRS. S.      BURMAN

2nd TURNERBROOK JAFFA AE01200404 LAB B 9.3.04 Ft Ch Hamford Zealot of Highseas X Rough House Rubby Breeder/Handler/Owner MR. A. TURNER

3rd ITCHIN TO GO VIA DEERBRIDGE LAB D 4762CN 7.3.01 Trioaks Barry X Deerbridge Dancer Breeder A.J.Butterworth Handler/Owner MRS. E. BARNES

4th OLIVERTASH BRAVE OF HATCHFIELD LAB D 4542CN 14.2.02 Ft Ch Brindlebay Bee X Ft Ch Hatchfield Fern Breeder Mrs. K. Tuck Handler/Owner MISS CLARE WOOD and best looking labrador in the awards

Certificates of Merit to: BRYNBRIG SANDPIPER OF HATCHFIELD AD0454307 LAB D. 23.10.03 Greenbriar Packland X Greenbriar Raseen Breeder Mrs. S Bundrett Handler/Owner DIANA  HARRISON

HATCHFIELD BANNER LAB DOG AD02584006 25.3.03 Brindlebay Bee X Hatchfield Ash Breeder Mrs. D. Harrison Handler/Owner Mr. Ben Van Praagh


Novice trial at Ashe Warren Farm by kind permission of Mr. David Hewetson-Brown on 9th November 2005.  The judges were Mr. John Birkett, Mrs. Barbara. Kuen and Mrs. Dorothy Walls Duffin. 


1st BRYNBRIG SANDPIPER OF HATCHFIELD LAB D AD04536307 23.10.03 Greenbriar Falkland X Greenbriar Raseen Breeder Mrs. S. Bundreit Handler/Owner MRS. D.HARRISON

2nd TURNERBROOK JAFFA AE01200404 LAB B 9.3.04 Ft Ch Hamford Zealot of Highseas X Rough House Rubby Breeder/Handler/Owner MR. A. TURNER

Certificate of Merit to: JANFRAN YAZOO AD02386504 LAB D 6.6.03 Ft Ch Endacott Soames of Riversway X Vishnam Vara Thyia Breeder Mr. J. Trowell Handler/Owner MRS. J. VENABLES


Open Stake at Squerrey's Shoot Westerham Kent on 19th December 2005 by Kind permission of Mr. P. Munnion.  The judges were Mr. A. Casserley, Mr. S Harvey, Mr. C. Rose Mr. G. Stanley.  The results were:


1st ENDACOTT KITE LAB OF CHISBROOK D 4542CM 17.4.01 Ft Ch Haatchfield Feargal X Endacott Guinea Breeder A. Courtier Handler/Owner MR.P. SCOTT

2nd TORNGAT ADINE 4011CN LAB B 24.7.01 Ft Ch Willowyck Henman X Sallyoak of Countryways Breeder Mr. J. Whitehead Handler MR.A. MILLS Owner Mr. & Mrs. MILLS

3rd UPCOUNTRY HAWK OF STRAMMERS LAB D 3.3.04 AE01820404 ft CH Bringwood Bobby of Brindlebay X Upcountry Covey Breeder P. Askew Handler/Owner PETER HAMMOND

4th GREENBRIAR VIVA OF FFYNONGAIN LAB B. 10.1.01 AB00490605 FT Ch Lafayette Tolly X Greenbriar Soutaire Breeder C. Clark Handler/Owner D. H. JONES

Certificates of Merit to:

TAUVECHAN MINSTREL GOLD RET D. 4275EL 20.2.02 Holway Dickon X Leeglen Tornado of Tauvechan Breeder M.S. Knox Handler/Owner MR. M. KNOX

SHORTTHORN ROCKET 4554CJ LAB D. 19.2.98 Millbuies McCoy X Bringwood Becky Breeder S.B. Littleboy Handler/Owner ROBERT WORRALL & Best looking Labrador in the awards

DIPPLELODGE BRONTE LAB B 14.6.01 4714CM Ft Ch Endacott Soames X Dolbrenin Sian Breeder/Handler/Owner MRS. B. KUEN




OPEN STAKE HELD AT ANGMERING On 28th September 2004 by permission of Lady Heries and Lady Clutton. Judges Mike Tallamy, Tony Casserly and Sarah Olner


1st MANSENGREEN BADGER LAB D 3911CN 12.8.01 Bringwood Bo of Bedgebrosaninsa x Ft Ch Shortthorne of Mansen Green Breeder Mr N.EAGLEN Handler/Owner SARA GADD also best looking labraodr in the awards.

2nd BUCHEBROC ELLIE OF FIELDCREST LAB B 4377CN Baildonian Baron of Craighorn x Drakeshead Dee Breeder Mr M.SARGENT Handler/Owner PHILIP GARTON also guns choice

3rd CANBURNE FENNEL OF LAFAYETTE GOLD RET D 1.7.99 4621CI Ft Ch Rossmore of Clancallum x Deadcraft Dona of Leeglen Breeder BRUCE ROSS SMITH Handler STEVE ELLIS Owner NIGEL MANN

4th WADESHOT DANNY LAB D 4149CM 14.6.00 Ft Ch Hatchfield Feargal x Wadeshot Holly Breeder R WADE Handler/Owner MRS S> POMFRETT-WADE



NOVICE STAKE HELD AT ASHE WARREN On 8th November 2004 by kind permission of Mr D Hewetson-Brown Judges Barry Taylor, Chris Rose and Colin Pelham


1st TIDEMARK POACHER LAB D AB02708301 12.9.01 Blackharn Harvester x Wellandpoint Princess Breeder E.MARKHAM Handler/Owner RON JEFFERY (also guns choice)

2nd TAGABEA MALACCA LAB D AC02256204 1.5.02 Ft Ch Willowyck Henman x Ft Ch Pinnock Chiffon of Tagabea Breeder/Handler/Owner MRS P. CULLIS

3rd SWIFTBROOK TAN LAB B AB01648103 27.2.01 Ft Ch Birdbrook Arrow of Craigfelin x Thornlands Clio of Swiftbrook Breeder G JONES Handler/Owner PAUL JENNINGS

Certificate of Merit and best looking Labrador in the awards (after a close run of with the winner)

SMALE BUDWEISSAR OF MITHERIDGE LAB D AC00748806 3.2.02 Ft Ch Flashmount Socrates x Springplaits Saffron of Smale Breeder MRS NICOLA GRELLIS Handler/Owner MR K SMITH


NOVICE STAKE AT OAKHANGER On 14th December 2004 by kind permission of Mr J Barker Esq. Judges Mr Graham Cox, Mr Norman Mellows and Mr Nick Coates


1st COLLAROYBANKS HOLLY LAB B AC02264602 24.5.02 Ft Ch Craighorn Bracken x Whissendine Barley Breeder MRS C MARTEN Handler/Owner MARTIN BAGG

2nd DRAIGYBRENIN GELERT LAB D AD01836401 3.5.03 Ft Ch Bryn Dylan x Anglsey Purdy at Draigybrenin Breeder MR R.M DRAISEY HAndler/Owner KEITH BROOMFIELD

Certificates of Merit: JANFRAN VISHNAMVARA THYIA LAB B 3768CP 16.4.00 Ft Ch Hatchfield Feargal x Trioaks Belle Breeder/Handler/Owner MRS J TROWELL

CARPENNY ARNIE LAB D A401546307 28.2.00 Augustus Tuplady of Leospring x Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny Breeder MRS P CARPANINI  Handler/Owner CHRIS ROSE





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