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Matterley Estate Open AV Field Trial

17th January, 2022

Matterley Estate Open AV Field Trial

17th January, 2022
Report by Patrice Fellows Photos Linda Grinham

On Monday 17th January KSSLRC held a 12 Dog Open AV Retriever Field Trial at the Matterley Estate, Hampshire, by kind permission of the landowner Mr Peveril Bruce. It was a great privilege for the club to return to this stunning shoot in the South Downs, especially after having to cancel last year’s trial due to lockdown.
It was also a pleasant surprise to be blessed by a clear blue sky and bright winter sunshine. Steward of the Beat Matt Silk and his beaters ensured a steady supply of high-
flying pheasant and partridge, which Andy Kirby and his team of guns (David Woodcock, Tim Rayworth, Nigel Foreman and David Parry) shot with ease and precision.
The trial was held over two drives in a shallow valley of undulating pasture bordered by three spinneys, which provided scenic viewing of excellent dog work for the gallery. For the first drive the guns lined up along a track at the bottom of the valley to shoot about 30 birds, many of which fell within close range and provided testing conditions for the competitors, who had to ignore the distraction of nearby scent when sent by the judges. Several dogs made smart retrieves diagonally across the valley and up and down banks to pick at varied distances.
After three retrieves and two rounds the card was whittled down to five dogs to sit another drive of about the same number of birds, this time falling more evenly dispersed across the valley. After another two retrieves the judges were able to reach a decision and close their books for an early end to an enjoyable morning spent in good company and sunny weather. The guns shot one more drive, providing plenty of picking up for the competitors and helpers who had brought along their dogs.
Many thanks to our panel of judges for working with great harmony and efficiency,
and for so generously giving up their time at the end of a very busy season: Nick Coates, Barbara Kuen, James Bailey and Louie Robertson. We are also indebted to our hardworking helpers: chief steward Joy Venturi Rose, picker upper Chris Rose, judges’ stewards Sarah Burnell and Linda Saunders, official photographer Linda Grinham and markers/game carriers Patti Money-Coutts, Caroline Whittet and Sarah Wicks.

Thanks again to our sponsor Skinner’s for their continued support, and to John Boyle for liaising with the
shoot and Guns.
Winners and judges at the prize giving.
1st and winner of The Nimrod Trophy and, subject to KC confirmation, making up his dog to a FTCh, Berryshot Bernie owned by Steven Berry and handled by Jason Mayhew.
2nd and winner of The Ch Elowood Soul Singer Trophy for the runner up, the Myn- thurst Cup for the Guns’ Choice and The Langshott Trophy for the best looking Labra- dor in the awards, Anningtonbay Maddi May, owned and handled by Mell Brooks.
3rd FTCh Tagabea Loganberry owned and handled by Liz Taylor
C.O.M. Tullysedge Incas Gold owned and handled by Sue Jordan

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